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What are we doing?

Why choose MILEVIEW? Help you get rid of lacking of project experience、 professional talents and high cost so that you can easily participate in bidding for intelligent monitoring projects.

Team advantages

Focusing on

Focusing on video monitoring industry for 15 years, we experienced video monitoring from the black and white Analog era to the Internet HD era, and to the current AI intelligent era.

Team resources

We have profound experience accumulation of video surveillance industry technology , especially for bus video monitoring field ,we have 8 years of experience in commissioning and image analysis

Team strength

The core r&d personnel of the team are mainly from internationally renowned universities and research institutions, with deep technical accumulation, strong technical originality and rich industry experience.

  • Focusing on

  • Team resources

  • Team strength

Exclusive project steward
Project custom development

Technical advantages

Core algorithm

Comprehensive deep learning technology, 100 million km driving training data, supporting various road conditions/weather/time, Optimization of road conditions.

Hardware power

Professional hardware design, car level chip, adapt to more challenging work temperature range, long time harsh environment stability work, installation , maintenance is convenient and simple.

Technical strength

Core technology is based on deep learning environment perception, high precision map, driving decision algorithm.Products include different levels of autonomous driving schemes, as well as large data services derived from them.

  • Core algorithm

  • Hardware power

  • Technical strength

Our customers

Shenhua Group

According to the coal mine environment, combining with the shenhua coal demand, MILEVIEW customized and developed a miner's life guard which integrate video monitoring, positioning, two-way voice communication, software algorithm, sensor, detector, hardware and software development, appearance design and so on into one.

Chengdu bus Group

According to different length of new energy bus, combine bus group's demand for stability, high-definition, waterproof, dustproof, no dead Angle and so on, MILEVIEW aimed at 2000 new energy bus‘ video monitoring intelligence to provide  the overall solution.

Yutong bus

According to the needs of different customer types, and based on different types of bus, bus use environment, MILEVIEW provide front camera、inside-looking camera、back looking camera、side-looking camera and other omni-directional vehicle surveillance camera. Long term supply to famous passenger car factories.

  • Shenhua Group

  • Chengdu bus Group

  • Yutong bus

Project custom development

Customer trust- Complete technical service - integrated smart security solutions - a full range of quality products supporting services

  • Hengda Group
    Product quality is very highHengda Group
    Mi Le as the company has many years of experience in the security industry sales team and research and development team, for my company to provide the most cost-effective intelligent security project solutions, cooperation with Milo as long as 5 years, because their products are indeed consistent Our needs, the service is also particularly good, hope to continue to cooperate later.
  • Vanke Group
    Professional intelligent security service providersVanke Group
    We fancy is the actual influence, then the product is the core of the enterprise competition, Milo as the company we have the required requirements, cooperation with Milo has been 3 years, very good, recommended!
  • China Resources
    Professional and technical trustworthyChina Resources
    I am Secretary of the company and the company is very happy and happy, Milay as the service process is very good, very in place. The problem is always the first time to solve the problem, very responsible. Thank you very much for my company to provide a large number of high-quality products, will continue to choose to cooperate.
  • China Ping An
    Excellent product description everythingChina Ping An
    Very lucky Mi Le as we started this cooperation, they not only have the industry-leading technical level, more importantly, has nine years of accumulated experience, very professional, Mi Le as trustworthy!.
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"To provide the best products for customer satisfaction," a principle of service, has a group of experienced team of engineers, to provide from the program design, technical support, project implementation to after-sales maintenance of the through-train service